From building your home, to furnishing your home and to making furniture, carpenters play a very important role in realizing your dream of a home. Carpenters build, erect, install and repair objects which are mainly made of wood. A good and skilled carpenter can convert drawings and blueprints into a livable home, which we can be proud of. However it requires a great amount of skill, training, and craftsmanship on the part of carpenters to be able to provide a world class service to its client. This is where Facilitz, having a collection of world class trained, experienced and vetted carpenters, come to your rescue.

The main advantage to using Facilitz are:

1. A great pool of skilled, knowledgeable and vetted carpenters.
2. Carpenters segregated based on their uniqueness.
3. A very competitive pricing for the services provided.

Having a great carpenter is of immense importance to build and furnish your home. A home is not complete if the wooden work like doors, cabinet, furniture etc are not properly made and installed. Taking all these aspects into account, we at Facilitz have on boarded the best skilled carpenters in town who can provide the best of services to you and who can make your home the best of its kind.


Facilitz, has carefully selected and vetted carpenters who are the best at what they do. They are trained to work for you and to give you a finished product that you could be proud of and the one that you would cherish for a long time.

Type of Carpenters on offer:
Apart from the great many knowledge and skills required, carpenters can also be broadly divided into the following categories:

• Rough Carpenter: They usually work outdoors on large construction projects. They typically do framing, form-work, roofing and other structural work which does not require joining or polishing.
• Joister: They lay horizontal boards, called floor joists, that are connected to the frame of a structure. They give a position to which floor is attached.
• Finish Carpenter: They are mainly involved in fine work where minimal margin of error is involved, like cabinet making, furniture making, fine wood working etc.
• Trim Carpenter: These carpenters are mainly involved in molding and trimming doors, windows, casings etc.

Taking into account the various job a carpenter does, at Facilitz, we have filtered the carpenters based on their skill. This provides an added benefit so that you get the best carpenter of the domain that you require. Rather than providing the same carpenter for all kind of work, we provide you with the carpenter that best suits your need.


A carpenter is involved with a great amount of work. He is required to have knowledge of great many fields and is further required to have the tenacity to mold those skills into practical know how on a case to case basis. Without these knowledge and training a carpenter would not be able to provide a classy finish to your home which would thus lead to a bad experience for you

Main work of a carpenter on offer:
1. Being able to read and interpret blueprints and drawings.
2. Having knowledge of different type of woods and its qualities.
3. Being able to lay out, cut and join various materials
4. Having knowledge of various hand, power and other tools.
5. Having knowledge of different polishing and other fine work.