Designing, building and maintaining a dream home has always been a challenge in the fast pace life of today's world. And while we tend to place some kind of attention to the general look and decor of our home, we often tend to forget the most important aspect of it, the Lighting Design. Facilitz through its world class electricians and designer provide the best electric repair and design services for your home and workplace. From strategizing the lighting design of your home and office, to repair or maintenance of electric lines, our electricians are well equipped to solve all your electrical problems. We have selected a large number of well trained electricians to help you with all kind of electrical work, like lighting design, power line design, electrical repair etc. With the help of our electricians you could establish, maintain and enjoy a well lighted and functional electrical system at your home and office.


Facilitz has a large collections of trained, experienced and hardworking electricians, capable of handling all kind of electrical work at your home and workplace. These electricians are specially trained to understand your electrical work needs and offer solutions that are robust and long lasting.


Facilitz offer a range of electrical services which cater to all kind of needs. We have well trained electricians for each of these tasks who understand these issues in detail and work with you to give the best solution possible.

1. An Aesthetic Home:
While lighting problem of a home is considered very straightforward and mundane, but with right know how and experience a properly implemented lighting design can give an altogether new aesthetics and look to your dream home. Each room of your home, from living room to bedroom, to kitchen deserves a separate strategy so that the uniqueness of these places are identified and its beauty enhanced. The lighting plan we propose is to complement your lifestyle.

2. Lighting at Workplace:
Lighting design of a workplace is a far more challenging job, for the simple reason that it involves a large number of different rooms and activities. Lighting in the place of work greatly impacts a person's urge and ability to do work. And so the task gets more challenging because a poorly strategised lighting in office can lead to a decrease in motivation and job satisfaction among employees. Also it can lead to a general sense of despondency in the work environment. The electricians at Facilitz are especially trained to keep these factors in mind and to design a properly lit office that can give speed to the growth and prosperity of a business. Also our electricians provide a world class job so that the need for further repair and cost involved is greatly reduced. This is of immense importance as the man-hour lost for electric repair work in a corporation pushes the deadline further away and so leads to extra financial burden.

3. Reducing Electricity Charge:
In today's world of rapidly increasing energy price, people very often struggle to maintain electricity budget. This mainly happen on account of not paying attention to lighting design when designing your new home. A thoughtful lighting design however combines many daylighting and electric lighting strategies to optimize the distribution of light inside your home. This in fact means putting light where it is wanted and needed and reducing or eliminating light elsewhere. With this strategy in place you will see a considerable drop in using electricity in the daytime on account of proper use of the abundant sunlight.

4. Getting Things Repaired:
Apart from designing the lighting for your home and office, the other important aspect is maintaining and repairing it. We are used to waiting for ill equipped electricians, doing a patchy job only to be called again after a few days and weeks. With Facilitz, this is a thing of the past. For any electricity repair work, you can now rely on our experienced and trained electricians. From the simplest of problem to the most difficult one, we offer the best and time based service so that you get the value for money and a well run electrical facility at home and in office.