A clean home is the basic requisite for living a healthy and happy life. But in today's fast moving world we either don't get time or we just compromise with this important aspect. While we take utmost care to eat healthy food, we often forget the danger of a variety of organic and inorganic particles that collect in our homes. These particles we then breath in and it subsequently leads to many diseases like chronic asthma, common cold, typhoid etc. It is thus incumbent on us to clean our house at a regular basis for a healthy lifestyle. At Facilitz, we have a large collection of well trained House Cleaning personnel who do exactly this for you. A clean house also leads to an increase in your productivity. With no dust and hence no dust induced diseases you will be able to work more and at the same time enjoy the benefits of a healthy life. Thus through our large collection of hard working and well trained house cleaning personnel, we at Facilitz are very sure that we would succeed in providing you a healthy lifestyle.

Why is your home dirty:
Dust can gather in your house because of various reasons. The major reason are as follows:

1. Wind carrying dust from outside
2. Human Skin cells
3. Paint Particles
4. Cigarette smoke
5. Rodent waste

We cannot prevent the gathering of these particles because most of these are generated inside the house, and the one coming from outside are coming because of the ventilation, which is anyway required to maintain a proper air supply system. So gathering of dust is inevitable. What we can do is clean the house daily to not let it gather and cause health trouble for us.

Why can't we clean it:
While we would like our home clean, but the time it takes to clean it and our own tight schedule makes it impossible to do so. We usually find other important and enjoyable things to do than worry about keeping our home clean. It is here that Facilitz comes to your rescue. We make sure that our cleaning personnel does his job well and gives you the peace of mind you require. With so many other responsibilities you should be able to enjoy your home and that is exactly what our cleaning personnel does.


We have selected a large number of trained and experienced House cleaning professionals who free you entirely of your house cleaning responsibilities, so that you can enjoy your free time as you please. These personnel are also well trained to understand your instructions and work accordingly so that you get the satisfaction of engaging with a hard working worker.


Our cleaning personnel offer a wide range of services to keep your house clean. They are well trained to use equipment like vacuum cleaners etc to offer you the best of services. Some of the work done by our personnel are as mentioned below:

• Deep cleaning surface of sinks, tubs, floors, appliances, cabinet etc.
• Scrubbing kitchen from top to bottom including cabinets, drawers, stove, refrigerator etc.
• Cleaning tables and chairs
• Dusting furniture, picture frame, windows etc.
• Cleaning carpet, floor etc.
• Cleaning bathroom including toilets, tubs, shower etc.
• Vacuuming carpet, floors etc.