Housekeeper is an individual who spends a long time at your home and does a lot of day to day activities of your household to keep your day going. They relieve you of your precious time so that you spend your day doing things that you really want to do. They are like the oil to your daily life cycle in a sense that without a skilled housekeeper you will get bogged down with mundane household work and not do your other substantial task. As such hiring a good and trusted housekeeper is of utmost importance to all of us. Keeping this in mind, Facilitz has come up with the best housekeeping personnel in your area to help you manage your house better.

Advantage of using Facilitz:
• Large collection of well trained and vetted household personnel.
• Household personnel segregated based on their skill.
• One stop shop for all kind of household personnel.
• Best price in the market.


We have selected housekeeping professionals who are well trained to undertake all your household needs. They give the best of services and help you in maintaining a great lifestyle. We at Facilitz, to help you better, have also segregated and filtered our housekeeping personnel based on their understanding of different task. As a result we can quickly identify the best housekeeping personnel for you based on your individual needs.


Common Housekeeping services on offer:
1. Dusting: Dusting is one of the most important task undertaken by our housekeeper. They do sweeping, mopping of floor. Light cleaning of cabinet, furniture, kitchen etc. They are trained to use vacuum cleaner for cleaning of carpet, curtains etc.
2. Washing Dishes: Our housekeeper carefully and diligently wash kitchen utensils and dishes. They do this with high level of sincerity to give you the most clean service. They understand the fact that an unclean dish can lead to major diseases and hence they put utmost attention while undertaking this task.
3. Washing, folding and ironing clothes: A clean dress is a reflection of our own life. As such properly washing and ironing clothes is of utmost importance. Our housekeepers take their time in doing this task. They pay extra attention in cleaning shirt collar, handcuffs etc which are difficult to clean. They are also trained to iron shirts, trousers and other kind of clothing. They also know the different temperature required for ironing different kind of fabric.
4. Waste Disposal: Disposal of waste product is another important aspect of housekeeping. Separating and removing of garbage is important to maintain cleanliness in the house.
5. Cooking: Our housekeepers are well trained in all major cooking style. They take utmost care to understand your taste preferences and accordingly prepare meal for you. They also use the best cooking practices to prepare the food that appeals to your taste bud.
6. Any other duty as demanded: Housekeepers at Facilitz are well trained to understand any need that arises and to finish it to your satisfaction.