A healthy life is often construed as one involving eating balanced and healthy food and doing proper exercise. Though important, these tactics must be complemented with the other important activity, that is having a healthy surrounding. We are a function of our environment and so a healthy home is essential for a maintaining a healthy life. And so protection from harmful insects and pests is a necessity today. With this philosophy in mind, we at Facilitz, bring you the best pest control specialist who help you realize a pest free and clean home.

Advantages of pest control are immense, some of which are as mentioned below.

1. Save your food to save yourselves:
According to a study, nearly 20% of world's food supply is consumed by rodents. We could ignore these economic losses, but the other important fact is that these rodents are a prime carrier of dangerous pests like fleas, ticks and mites. And these creatures are carriers of diseases that are transmittable to humans and animals. So when these insects and pests contaminate your food, they also in a way transmit diseases to you. A proper food sanitation at your home demand a pest and insect free environment.

2. Health Hazard mitigation:
Pests such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases to humans like malaria, plague, Lyme and much more. Cockroaches, the most common insect found at home, have allergens that many people are allergic to. And it is established through a study that the third leading cause of asthma in child is roach allergen. Insect bite from rodents and lizards also comprise a huge health hazard to us as they can cause diseases like rat bite fever, salmonella, plague etc. With so many deadly diseases lurking around us it is incumbent on us to keep our house healthy by doing a periodic pest control. The pest control specialists at Facilitz, are well trained to identify the health risk that you are subjected to and offer the most appropriate solution to keep your home pest free.

3. Economic Risk aversion:
While loss from contaminated food will be a burden on your wallet, the economic loss from some other pest can be far more substantial. The damages to walls, doors, cupboards caused by termites can cause a major monetary burden on you. Also bed bugs if not nipped in the bud will result in replacement of all the beds and clothes contaminated by it. Bed bugs multiply very fast and it is extremely difficult to contain then after a point. The only option left to you would be throwing away all the beds and clothes contaminated by it. Thus to save money and to lead a healthy life pest control is the way forward for all of us.


Facilitz has a large collection of pest control professional to make your home pest and insects free. They come equipped with all the equipments and materials required to give you a healthy and clean home. We have taken utmost care to select the professionals who understand your needs and then offer the best solution.


Our pest control specialists are well trained to offer their best services to you, to help you overcome this problem. There are different kind of pest control methods and our specialists are well versed to educate you on all of them. Some of the methods are as following:

1. Prevention:
There are 3 basic steps to prevention. Sealing all pest entryways,cutting off food sources that attract pests, removing any pest breeding environment in the home.
2. Baiting:
It involves using baits to attract insects into traps.
3. Beneficial Insects:
Best used for outdoor use. Putting insects that prey on pest in yard.
4. Chemical Pest Control:
Using insecticides for pest control.

Pest control specialists at Faciltz can do periodic pest control activity at your home using insecticides and baiting as they deem fit. They can also instruct you to use the other methods like Prevention and Beneficial insects so that you can do your bit to keep your home clean and healthy.