When it comes to plumbing, whether we use plastic, metal or other pipes, ultimately it is the plumber's skill that determines how well the system works. A good and talented plumber can do a leak and trouble free plumbing work and hence save damages worth thousand of rupees that we might otherwise have to incur in the future. With this in mind, we at Facilitz have got well experienced and trained plumber for all your plumbing needs. These plumbers have been trained to design the supply and drain line, re model any plumbing line that you have, and also to repair and maintain any individual plumbing problem that might occur.

Clean water enter your home through supply lines and dirty water exits through drain pipes. All of this works on the principle of gravity and looks quite simple and durable. However the slope to be used for drain pipes and the pipe width to be used for different purposes are the main issues that needs to be resolved for a simple, workable and durable lines. Plumbers at Facilitz take their time and solve these issues with utmost carefulness so as to give you the best plumbing work. Our plumbers are well equipped to work with all kind of pipe types, mainly

1. Copper Pipes
2. PVC Pipes
3. PEX Pipes

Our plumbers understand the work situation and suggest the best options for you.


Facilitz has a large number of trained and experienced plumbers on hand who take utmost care in understanding the problem and then solving it diligently. They understand the structure of your house and then go about laying the water and drain pipe to take advantage of the general slope so that you have the best running bathroom and kitchen possible.


1. Pipe Joining:

Pipe joining is one of the most important part of plumbing. If not done carefully and diligently it results in leakage and other problems. Plumbers at Facilitz are well versed with all the pipe joining methods for all the different kind of pipes available in market.

• Soldering: Process of joining pipe by melting a filler metal with a low melting point into the joint.
• Brazing: Similar to Soldering but mostly used for water piping
• Threading: Very rarely used these days.
• Mechanical Joint: It is fitting by way of coupling that uses compression of a rubber gasket.
• Adhesive: Used for plastic pipes in which liquid adhesive is used to join pipes.

2. Shutoff Valves:

Following the best plumbing practice, our plumbers make sure that shutoff valves are installed for all major fixture and appliances. This takes into account the ease of maintenance extending well into the future and thus helps to isolate problem quickly without cutting the water supply to the rest of the house. Normally one shutoff valve is put for individual bathrooms and then other items like Toilet, Sinks etc can have their own shutoff valves.

3. Bathroom Fixtures:

For a well built bathroom, the installation of Bathroom fixtures is very important. These items give the look and feel of a well designed bathrooms and so utmost care needs to be given in installing these fixtures. Our plumbers take utmost care while installing these fixtures. They give a well finished look to the bathroom after it is ready. The various fixtures like Wall mount Faucets, Single hole Faucets, Wash Basin, Commode etc are handled carefully by our plumbers and are fixed carefully.

4. Repair Work:

Plumbers, at Facilitz come handy for all kind of repair workers. They are well trained to first listen to your views and they very quickly diagnose the problem and offer solution. At each point they keep you in confidence and give their best service.